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"Hill Day" - Real Estate Advocacy

I recap the Real Estate Day on the Hill, a day were realtors, lenders, bankers, and other real estate professionals meet with our state representatives, senators, and a variety of other professionals to advocate for the issues impacting consumers and the business. Listen to this episode for a recap on the bills currently under consideration, our most interesting takeaways from the meetings, and how you can get involved to advocate for your interests.

"Good Divorce" - Financial Separation

Real Estate is often at the center of many divorce or separation conversations. The anxiety of dealing with the marital home can even make some couples feel “stuck” together. While working through the home is complicated, with homeowners having historic amounts of equity and rates that may make it difficult to qualify on one income, starting the conversation can be the key to navigating the process. Rebecca Neale, Principal Attorney at Bedford Family Lawyer, shares her advice and #howto build a team that can help you best navigate the early stages of these conversations to have a “good divorce” that serves your entire family’s best interest.

"Word Games" - Pre-Approve vs Pre-Commit

My kids love "Is it Cake" on Netflix. Honestly you cannot tell it is cake until you cut it open. On today's episode, I cut open the pre-underwriting process to explain what goes into a pre-approval and/or pre-commitment. I go beyond the marketing and into the math to share #howto read through the lender lingo and verify if your financing will get to closing. I arm homebuyers, sellers, realtors, and lenders with the steps to a verify they can shop with confidence.

“Safety Net” - Planning Contingencies

“Safety Net” - Planning Contingencies

A real estate contract is filled with contingency clauses designed to protect the buyers. But, in a competitive market, everything is negotiable, and many buyers find themselves tempted to waive contingencies to make their offer seem more appealing. Megan Ritter, attorney with Griffin Law, helps us understand the risks and implications of each contingency clause. Strategically crafting these clauses can be a winning plan, but it is important to understand what you are limiting/waving before signing the offer/purchase and sales contract.

"Triaging Stress" - Life & Death

Real estate professionals appreciate how stressful a transaction can be, but you often here people say, "it isn't life and death...nobody ever died from a real estate emergency." But, Jenifer Vieira, realtor with Lamacchia Realty, is also an experienced nurse and military parent who has learned how to manage a wide-range of stressful situations. She shares how she uses personal, nursing, and medevac experience to aid her real estate clients. She shares tips and advice on how to triage stressful situations with an action plan. This episode is a must listen for any aspiring homebuyer, realtor, lender, business owner or really anyone who finds themselves frustrated by the stress of finding a home...or just real-life.

Looking Good - Play Good

Looking Good - Play Good

There are days you just want a warm hoodie and other days a well starched suit makes you feel like James Bond. Jack Woods, a Professional Clothier with the Tom James Company, joins the podcast to discuss everything from the Fanatics MLB uniform disaster to why dressing in a way that authentically expresses your personality and goals can give you the confidence to be successful.

"Trade Value" - MMBA, NAR, Advocacy

NAR has come under fire over the past year and made headline news. While commission lawsuits, trigger leads, inventory, mortgage rates, and affordable housing have all been national topics of conversation from the State of the Union to the kitchen table, the solutions start with local elections, advocacy, and trade organizations. President of the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association (MMBA), Ryan Hayes, joins the podcast to discuss the MMBAs priorities, market concerns, and how local real estate professionals can make a difference to improve conditions for homebuyers, sellers, and colleagues.
Community Drivers - Insurance Giveback

Community Drivers - Insurance Giveback

As small businesses and local leaders, we are always looking for ways to market ourselves, donate to local causes, and be involved in our communities. Mike and Erin Richardson, co-owners of Richardson Insurance, a 4th generation insurance agency, in Hanover, MA, share how their focus on service and giving back to the community, through charitable events, supports their overall mission and clients. If you are looking for new fulfilling ways to be top of mind this year, enjoy learning form Mike’s perspective and experience.

"Confidence Builder" - Just Work

It is only natural to feel great when things are going well and get hard on yourself when things get tough. Best of South Shore nominated personal trainer and owner of Moses Fitness, Lee Moses shares how he helps is clients build confidence. He believes that confidence is the outward projection of preparation—a lesson that applies to all aspects of work and life. We draw lessons about projecting, building, and maintaining your confidence from Lee’s personal experience preparing for the NFL draft, training clients, and building his business. If you are struggling with your confidence at work, in the mirror, or in other aspects of life…give it a listen.

Bio of Finance With Factor

Finance With Factor, hosted by Jason Factor, is a dynamic podcast that offers valuable insights and conversations within the realm of real estate. With a focus on helping home buyers, realtors, investors, and real estate professionals thrive in their respective fields, this weekly show covers a wide range of topics.

Throughout each episode, Jason engages with local experts to provide listeners with practical advice and strategies for growing their businesses, navigating real estate financing, staying updated on market trends, managing personal finances, and maintaining a sense of balance amidst the challenges of the industry. Jason Factor, a seasoned Senior Loan Officer with Movement Mortgage, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Jason Factor understands the importance of juggling various responsibilities. Through Finance With Factor, he aims to provide listeners with valuable insights and practical tips to help them succeed in the real estate world. With licenses in multiple states including MA, NH, RI, ME, and FL, Jason is well-versed in the intricacies of these local markets.

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