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109. Tania Chomyk - Founder: CEO of your Career.Life, Award Winning Speaker, Career Coach, Facilitator

109. Tania Chomyk - Founder: CEO of your Career.Life, Award Winning Speaker, Career Coach, Facilitator

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Join us for an enlightening episode of the "People in Transition" podcast featuring Tania Chomyk.  With three decades of experience in higher education, Tania is a seasoned human resources professional, change catalyst, and expert in personal and professional growth.  As the visionary behind "Be the CEO of Your Career/Life," she embodies self-leadership and empowers individuals to take charge of their careers and lives through a holistic approach.

Tania's lifelong dedication to learning and growth underscores her belief in continuous personal and professional development.  As an inspirational coach and facilitator, she is committed to helping people at any stage achieve fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.

 In this episode, we delve into critical insights, including: 

  • The importance of a support network:  Establish your personal Board of Directors to aid your job search.  Having job groups or communities makes navigating the bumps in your job search journey easier.
  •  Networking as a reciprocal relationship:  You need to give to receive.
  • The anatomy of a good resume:  Tania shares invaluable advice on crafting a standout resume.
  • Aligning personal values with company values:  Knowing your values and finding a company that matches them is crucial.
  • Addressing gaps in work history:  Discussing work history gaps can highlight your values and the rich tapestry of your life.
  • Designing your job search:  Set clear outcomes and timelines to achieve your job search targets.

Tania's insights are inspiring, thoughtful, and empowering.  This episode is a must-listen, one you'll want to revisit and share with others to aid them in finding their next great job opportunity.

To explore more about Tania and her remarkable journey, visit:

Company Website:

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108. Tom Powner - Executive Resume Writer ➜ Recruiter ● LinkedIn Trainer/Strategist

108. Tom Powner - Executive Resume Writer ➜ Recruiter ● LinkedIn Trainer/Strategist

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In this episode, we feature a remarkable career transformation story that exemplifies the power of reinvention. After a successful 25-year career in business development, human resources, operations, and sales leadership, Tom Powner took a bold leap and founded Career Thinker Inc. His journey was fueled by years of encountering poorly written resumes, interviewing unprepared candidates, and hiring over 1,500 employees. 

 With a passion for helping others, Tom now offers career services, coaching, technology insights, and confidence-building strategies to inspire individuals to take charge of their careers. Tom is a recognized leader in the industry, known for educating and mentoring clients and colleagues on best practices, leveraging technology, and enhancing processes for better results. Since 2011, he has conducted over 300 career workshops, seminars, and webinars. As a LinkedIn power user and NCOPE (Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert) instructor, Tom teaches individuals how to harness the power of LinkedIn. 

 In this episode, we discuss:

·        How to stand out in today's employer-driven market.

·        The importance of viewing your job search as a 'career marketing campaign' rather than just a search.

·        Why you don't need to meet all 39 key skills listed in job descriptions—showing your value is what matters.

·        How technology and your unique skills can differentiate you from other candidates.

·        Understanding your value proposition as your superpower to potential employers.

·        The CAR (Challenge, Action, Result) method for resumes, social media, and interviews.

 Tom's interview is packed with actionable insights for job seekers. He holds several significant career industry credentials, including:

·        Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

·        Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP)

·        NCOPE Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (Instructor) 

·        Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC)


For more information, contact Tom on LinkedIn:

107. Dr. Kimberly Moore - Chief Innovator at Envision Moore Consulting

107. Dr. Kimberly Moore - Chief Innovator at Envision Moore Consulting

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In this episode of "People in Transition," we explore the dynamic world of workforce development, job transitions, and innovation with Dr. Kimberly Moore, Chief Innovator at Envision Moore Consulting Group.  Dr. Moore's extensive background in workforce development, education, nonprofit management, and entrepreneurship provides a wealth of experience and insights.  We discuss her journey from driving impact in private industry and academia to founding her national strategic consulting firm, addressing the challenges and opportunities for those transitioning from student life to the workforce, shifting between jobs, or embarking on entrepreneurial ventures.  Dr. Moore emphasizes the importance of collaboration, creativity, and strategic partnerships in today's rapidly evolving professional landscape.  Join us for a stimulating conversation filled with practical tips and innovative strategies for success in the ever-changing world of work.

Key discussion points include:

·         The importance of showcasing your ability to collaborate effectively to hiring managers.

·         The value of lifelong learning through platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera, and be sure to emphasize strategic learning that aligns with your career goals.

·         The necessity of tenacity and a positive attitude in your job search.

·         The critical role of networking and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

·         The importance of thorough interview preparation, including researching the company and preparing impactful questions.

·         Understanding that receiving a "no" from a company can be beneficial, indicating a misalignment and saving you from an unsuitable fit.

·         The best advice: be persistent, stay encouraged, and leverage your network.

By listening to this episode and Dr. Moore's other podcasts, Workforce Insights (  and #SayMoore ( found on Apple,  you'll gain valuable insights to enhance your job search and career transitions.  We welcome your questions and comments on this episode and appreciate your ratings for the show.

106. Peter Cotton - Expert recruiter. I build companies and transform people’s lives

106. Peter Cotton - Expert recruiter. I build companies and transform people’s lives

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Step into the world of career transitions with Peter C. Cotton, the seasoned President of Best Sales Talent, Inc., on "People in Transition"! Peter brings unparalleled expertise to the podcast with a remarkable background spanning over 54 years in sales, sales management, and marketing.

 Having thrived as an award-winning salesman and sales manager at Fortune 500 company, GAF, Peter transitioned into talent acquisition with a mission: to match the best sales, sales management, and marketing professionals with top-tier opportunities. With 48 years in the recruiting industry, including owning and operating the franchise office of Sales Consultants of Rhode Island under the prestigious MRI umbrella, Peter has honed his skills to perfection.

 Throughout his illustrious career, Peter has not only excelled in talent acquisition but also co-authored a book on sales management with Professor Eugene Johnson. His dedication to community service shines through his role as the Founder, President, and Executive Director of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Rhode Island, where he spearheaded granting over 1,000 wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

 In this "People in Transition" episode, Peter delves into the nuances of today's job market. From leveraging your strengths to building fruitful relationships with recruiters, Peter shares invaluable insights from decades of experience. Learn how to navigate the job market effectively, stand out to employers, and confidently seize opportunities.

 Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of career transitions and unlock the secrets to landing your dream job faster than ever, guided by Peter's wealth of knowledge and expertise!

 To explore more about Peter and his remarkable journey, visit:

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105. Ed Hidalgo - Careers Leader

105. Ed Hidalgo - Careers Leader

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Ed Hidalgo is an advisor, speaker, and trainer for school districts seeking to embed career-related teaching and learning within school culture. 

 Ed's journey in career education began in 2016 at the University of San Diego, where he worked as the Director of the World of Work initiative with researchers, K12 leaders, and business partners to develop the theory of change for integrating career-related learning across K12 systems. He was hired by the Cajon Valley Union School District, a public school district of 28 schools and 18,000 students, as the Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer. Here, Ed led the deployment of the career development model with teachers, counselors, parents, and classified staff. 

Before his career in education, he devoted nearly two decades to corporate human resources and talent acquisition. These years were pivotal, during which he oversaw the recruitment of a substantial number of contingent employees, initiated a corporate career counseling initiative benefiting a significant portion of permanent staff, and established the Thinkabit STEM Maker Space, catering to a very large number of middle school students. These experiences served as the catalyst for his transition into K12 career development.

 Today, his work with the team at Educators Cooperative connects him to clients and partners across a wide range of schools, nonprofit organizations, workforce boards, education technology companies, and students and families. 

 Topics we discussed during the recording included: 

• The improved perception of temp or contingent workforce and how they can be a part of the staffing plans made by companies. 

• The same skills/characteristics are needed to be hired as a contingent worker as a regular FT worker. Can you do the job? This is the question the candidate must be able to answer. 

• Finding a job – contingent or FT – is hard work. One of the keys to success in the process is consistency in your efforts. 

• Ed had a great story of a candidate who came in late on a Friday to find work – the guy was not "ready" that day – Ed gave some coaching to him, and when he returned, he was hired and after some time promoted into a supervisor role – you have to listen to this – I think it says there is a spot for everyone. 

• You need to be specific on what you want to do – no such position as "I can do anything." 

 For more information on Ed, go to 1. 2.

104. Kolby Goodman - Top LinkedIn Voice | Hiring, Employee Engagement, & Retention expert

104. Kolby Goodman - Top LinkedIn Voice | Hiring, Employee Engagement, & Retention expert

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Kolby Goodman is the founder of the personal consulting and training firm The Job Hunter and has successfully provided career advancement programs and job satisfaction programs since 2013.  His clients have landed amazing jobs at the nation's top companies, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Workday, Salesforce, Qualcomm, Intuit, and ResMed.  He's also partnered with Panasonic, Starwood Hospitality Group, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, several universities and schools, national professional organizations, and nonprofits to provide tailored workshops.  Kolby holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the San Diego State University. 

 Some of the areas we discussed during our time together included:

 ·         As a candidate, you must be the product, the marketer, and the salesperson; all of them must work well together for your job search success.

·         The candidate with the best resume or social media site rarely wins; the candidate who shows how to solve the hiring manager's problem gets the job.

·         Things to do if you are suddenly laid off – take time off and heal, look at your skills and be clear on what problems you can solve for a company, find a community to help support you, and network your way to opportunities.

·         Today's market has changed from 5 years ago – money and spending are more expensive, no one is hiring a warm body to fill the role, and hiring manager needs to see how you can be part of the solution they need and that you can be an asset to the organization.

·         You should build skill enhancement into your daily routine – it helps you develop in areas you are not outstanding in and is a positive diversion to the job search, which can be lonely and hard.

·         Confidence matters in your job search, but that does not mean you have to know everything; rather, you know the right questions to ask.

·         We tend to rely on the volume and velocity of our search efforts, but it is all about finding your approach and being consistent in executing it.

Kolby's pragmatic approach and wealth of experience make this episode a must-listen for anyone navigating career transitions.  Tune in, rate the episode, and share with fellow job seekers to unlock invaluable insights and support.

103. Michelle Merritt -  Executive Job Search, Interview, & Negotiation Exper

103. Michelle Merritt - Executive Job Search, Interview, & Negotiation Exper

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In this episode of "People in Transition," we are joined by Michelle Merritt, a seasoned career consultant boasting two decades of corporate expertise across Fortune 500 recruitment, corporate culture leadership, and Chamber of Commerce engagement. With a holistic approach, Michelle guides executive leaders through every facet of the job search journey, from crafting impactful resumes to navigating the intricacies of offer negotiations.

Known as both a speaker and trainer, Michelle specializes in empowering senior-level job seekers and board candidates. Her recent attainment of the esteemed Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) certification further solidifies her standing as an industry authority.

Beyond her professional accolades, Michelle is a valued figure in her community. She actively serves on multiple boards and even holds a Guinness World Record.

During our conversation, Michelle explores crucial topics, including the nuances of executive presence and leveraging your networking opportunities effectively. She shares invaluable insights on tailoring responses to align with recruiters' queries.

 For those facing job loss, Michelle stresses the importance of crafting resumes that resonate with the reader and leveraging personal networks to navigate career transitions.

She also advocates for brief notes developed with compelling career anecdotes/facts to be effective in the interview.

Above all, Michelle's message to job seekers is one of resilience and perseverance—activate your network, showcase your achievements, and remain dedicated in your pursuit of the right opportunity. Tune in for expert guidance and actionable insights from Michelle's wealth of experience and wisdom. 

102. Meredith Stanley - Executive Recruiter | Tech, Hardware, Operations | Full-Cycle Tech Recruiting

102. Meredith Stanley - Executive Recruiter | Tech, Hardware, Operations | Full-Cycle Tech Recruiting

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Join us this week on "People in Transition" with our guest, Meredith Stanley, an Executive Recruiter based in Denver, CO, specializing in talent acquisition, particularly within the tech sector.  Currently leading hiring initiatives at Integrated People Solutions in Golden, CO, Meredith brings extensive experience recruiting for Managerial to C-Suite positions across industries such as aerospace manufacturing, private equity, and consumer goods.


Meredith's journey from a background in chemical engineering to a successful career in recruiting offers invaluable insights.  From her key roles at Amazon to her tenure at Lyft, she shares firsthand experiences navigating job transitions.  In our lively discussion, we explore strategic approaches to job hunting, leveraging AI and social media tools for resume enhancement, networking tactics, and interview preparation tips.


Discover actionable advice from Meredith on managing setbacks, researching companies, negotiating compensation, and effectively communicating your skills using techniques like the STAR method.  Join us as we delve into Meredith's wealth of knowledge and expertise, empowering you to navigate your career transitions confidently and succeed.


101. Dorothy Mashburn - Top Interview & Salary Negotiation Coach

101. Dorothy Mashburn - Top Interview & Salary Negotiation Coach

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Unlock the secrets to mastering job interviews and confidently asserting your value with Dorothy Mashburn!

Have you ever found yourself in these situations?

·         Feeling undervalued with a salary lower than your peers.

·         Watching others receive promotions while you remain unnoticed.

·         Excelling in your role without receiving due recognition.

·         Struggling with confidence and questioning your place at the table.

·         Constantly yearning for a new job out of desperation.

It's time to rewrite your story.

Drawing from 20 years of management and negotiation experience, she has discovered:

·         The challenges women face in the professional world.

·         The importance of realizing your worth beyond being underpaid and micromanaged.

·         The societal limitations placed on our ambitions.

·         Your inherent capability and deservingness of more.

She empowers you to dream big, exude confidence, and advocate for your value.

In our discussions, we delve into:

·         Identifying your market value to discuss salary expectations confidently.

·         Addressing common candidate fears and overcoming them.

·         Leveraging AI tools to tailor your resume and align your skills with employer needs.

·         Crafting a compelling response to the question, "Tell me about yourself?"

·         Embracing rejection as a stepping stone to negotiation success.

·         Always aim high because you deserve it.

Dorothy brings her expertise, wit, and insight to job transitions and salary negotiations.  As one client remarked, her guidance is invaluable, even decades later.  Tune in and embark on your journey to professional empowerment today!

Bio of People in Transition

"People in Transition" is a podcast hosted by Bob Gerst that aims to provide tips and techniques for individuals going through various stages of life transitions. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including the transition from being a student to entering the workforce, navigating job changes and unemployment, transitioning from a job to owning a personal business, and preparing for retirement.

Each episode of "People in Transition" features a different perspective on these life changes, with guests who have personally experienced and successfully navigated these transitions. The show offers valuable insights, advice, and real-life stories to help listeners better understand and manage their own transitions.

Whether you're a student starting your career, someone between jobs, an aspiring entrepreneur, or approaching retirement, "People in Transition" provides practical tips, strategies, and inspiration to support you through these significant life changes. Bob Gerst, as the host, creates an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere for listeners, making the show both informative and entertaining.

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