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20 Career Podcast List - For Career Professional by PodRapport

Ready to take your Career journey to the next level? We've made a special Career Podcast list just for you.


Here is our exclusive podcast list, perfect for anyone seeking to advance their career or explore new opportunities.


Presenting our carefully selected list of the top 20 guest-oriented Career Podcasts.


These Career Podcasts offer valuable insights and inspiration, perfect for both seasoned professionals seeking growth and curious minds exploring new opportunities.


Don't miss out on this incredible resource to fuel your Career Podcast success!




1. The Voice of Job Seekers


The Voice of Job Seekers


Empowering job seekers with valuable insights, tips, and a free eGuide on modern job search tactics by Mark Anthony Dyson.


The Voice of Job Seekers offers a treasure trove of valuable insights, tips, and strategies to empower individuals in their pursuit of meaningful employment.


Through this platform, Dyson provides specialized guidance to job seekers,

equipping them with the tools they need for success in their job search endeavors. 


As an added resource, Dyson presents a complimentary eGuide titled "118 Job Search Tips for the Modern Job Seeker in 2018,"


which serves as a comprehensive manual for navigating the ever-evolving job market landscape.


Drawing from his substantial expertise in career consulting and a profound grasp of the hurdles faced by job seekers,


Dyson provides a valuable resource to those striving to achieve their professional aspirations.



2. Career Relaunch®


Career Relaunch®


The Career Relaunch® podcast, hosted by Joseph Liu, Topics include career change strategies, overcoming challenges, managing emotions, building a network, and finding meaning in work.


The Career Relaunch® podcast delivers a dose of inspiration through captivating stories of reinvention.


It stands as a supportive companion, offering solace and encouragement to individuals venturing into their personal career relaunch journeys.


By sharing firsthand narratives of guests who have triumphantly navigated shifts to new professional trajectories, the podcast provides a reservoir of wisdom.



3. Modern Career


Modern Career


The Modern Career podcast, hosted by Mary Humiston.

Empowers listeners with valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiring stories for navigating diverse career journeys.


Modern Career podcast lies practical advice, a pivotal element that furnishes listeners with tangible tactics and approaches to immediately elevate their careers.


With a focus on delivering actionable tips and strategies, the podcast empowers individuals to enrich their professional lives.



4. To The Top: Inspirational Career Advice


To The Top: Inspirational Career Advice


"To The Top: Inspirational Career Advice" unveils the blueprints for success through insightful interviews,

distilling practical advice from renowned authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.


These interviews are tailored to empower individuals with actionable advice and strategies.


By tapping into the experiences and wisdom of accomplished individuals,

"To The Top" provides a roadmap to success and growth in a diverse array of endeavors.


This podcast serves as a beacon for those striving to reach their goals and ascend to new heights in their careers and personal lives.



5. Advice To My Younger Me


Advice To My Younger Me


"Advice To My Younger Me" is a podcast hosted by Sara Holtz,

that draws on the wisdom and insights of experienced individuals who have gone before to help younger women achieve career success.


The podcast's mission is to offer women a valuable resource that encompasses guidance, inspiration, and actionable advice,

all geared toward empowering and bolstering them along their professional paths.



6. The Break - with Michael Gardon


The Break - with Michael Gardon


"The Break - with Michael Gardon" is a podcast hosted by entrepreneur Michael Gardon.


Who is dedicated to helping people break free from the traditional work mindset and become intentional about their career journeys.


In every episode, Michael engages in conversations with a diverse range of guests who have achieved career satisfaction through meaningful transformations.


These individuals span various backgrounds, from corporate professionals

who've successfully shifted into new sectors to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who prioritize personal development and contentment.



7. Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast


Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast


"Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast" hosted by Yadira Caro.


In each episode, Yadi Caro dives into a different soft skill and invites experts and individuals from technical backgrounds.


Through insightful interviews, Yadi Caro strives to equip listeners with tangible takeaways, advice, and techniques to adeptly cultivate and harness soft skills.


The aim is to offer practical guidance and strategies for effectively honing and utilizing essential skills in professional contexts.



8. How I Got Hired


How I Got Hired


"How I Got Hired" podcast hosted by Sonal Bahl.

The show focuses on the stories of ordinary individuals who have achieved extraordinary success in their careers.


With a focus on the tangible elements of job search, career advancement, and personal and professional expansion.


The podcast delves into the practical realities of these domains.


Through conversations with accomplished guests, Sonal Bahl presents a platform for sharing their triumphs and narratives,


thereby offering insightful tactics and approaches for securing coveted positions and attaining career triumphs.



9. Liz Career Coaching


Liz Career Coaching


"Liz Career Coaching" is a podcast hosted by Liz Herrera.


Liz dedicates her profession to helping clients and students find career happiness, purpose, and satisfaction.


The "Liz Career Coaching" podcast dedicates each episode to a comprehensive exploration of diverse elements within career development and job search.


It delves into a spectrum of subjects, from harmonizing career objectives with individual values to investigating interests,


achieving career contentment, harnessing strengths, and engaging in insightful dialogues with professionals hailing from varied industries.



10. Career Competitor


Career Competitor


The "Career Competitor" podcast is designed to ignite the competitive fire within individuals and help them jump-start or optimize their careers.


Laced with interviews and insights, "Career Competitor" nurtures the competitive fire within, encouraging individuals to unleash their full capabilities.


By spotlighting precise insights, the podcast strives to kindle motivation, propelling listeners to transcend their own performance boundaries.



11. People in Transition


People in Transition


"People in Transition" podcast hosted by Bob Gerst aims to provide tips and techniques for individuals going through various stages of life transitions.


"People in Transition" dedicates each episode to the exploration of various life changes,

inviting guests who have traversed and triumphed through these transformative periods.


The podcast imparts a treasury of valuable insights, counsel, and authentic anecdotes,

allowing listeners to glean profound understanding and effective strategies for maneuvering their own transitions.



12. Real Job Talk


Real Job Talk


"Real Job Talk" podcast hosted by Liz Bronson and Kathleen Nelson Troyer, seasoned HR, and recruiting consultants.


The show aims to provide practical advice, solutions, and support to help listeners navigate their careers.


The podcast delves into topics that often leave individuals perplexed or unsure, offering insights and strategies to assist listeners in navigating these scenarios.


It goes beyond the typical employee handbook, offering genuine discussions and practical advice.



13. PhD Career Stories


PhD Career Stories


"PhD Career Stories" is a podcast that features individuals who have completed their Ph.D. degrees sharing their personal stories and experiences in life after obtaining their doctorate.


"PhD Career Stories" fosters a culture of engagement and interaction with its audience.


Listeners are encouraged to contribute their own narratives and encounters, cultivating a community of individuals who can draw lessons and back each other.


Through this collective effort, listeners can find encouragement and incentive to progress in their personal career journeys.



14. The Teacher Career Coach Podcast


The Teacher Career Coach Podcast


"The Teacher Career Coach Podcast," is dedicated to supporting educators in finding happiness and fulfillment in their careers.


Whether they choose to remain in the classroom or explore opportunities outside of teaching.


Daphne Gomez facilitates insightful dialogues with former educators who have embraced career changes,

shedding light on their unique journeys and insights.


Through these interviews, listeners gain valuable perspectives and find motivation,

particularly educators contemplating shifts in their own career trajectories.







"The Ed Mylett Show" provides an avenue to explore the experiences, wisdom, and

influential ideas of exceptional achievers spanning diverse sectors.


Covering realms like business, wellness, sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment.


Ed Mylett and his esteemed guests supply a wellspring of motivation, encouragement, and actionable strategies

to empower listeners in their journey toward personal growth and self-improvement.



16. No B.S. Job Search Advice Radio


No B.S. Job Search Advice Radio


"No B.S. Job Search Advice Radio" is a podcast hosted by Jeff Altman, known as The Big Game Hunter.


It offers practical and straightforward advice for job seekers, aiming to improve their job search efforts.


With new episodes released from Monday to Friday, the podcast provides a wealth of tips and strategies to make the job search process more effective and successful.


Jeff Altman, drawing on his extensive experience in recruitment and job search coaching,

shares valuable insights to help individuals navigate the challenges of finding employment. 


17. WorkLife with Adam Grant


WorkLife with Adam Grant


"WorkLife with Adam Grant," part of the TED Audio Collective podcast, immerses listeners in a fascinating exploration of the work world.


In partnership with Transmitter Media, each episode brings captivating stories and expert insights, delivering valuable lessons for enhancing workplace experiences.



18. How I Built This with Guy Raz


How I Built This with Guy Raz


"How I Built This with Guy Raz" is a podcast hosted by journalist Guy Raz.

In each episode, he delves into the inspiring stories of the world's most renowned entrepreneurs and their journey to building iconic brands.


This podcast is a masterclass in innovation, creativity, leadership, and navigating challenges,

offering listeners a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to apply in their own endeavors.


19. HBR IdeaCast


HBR IdeaCast


"HBR IdeaCast" is a weekly podcast presented by the prestigious Harvard Business Review.


Listeners are treated to insightful discussions and thought-provoking insights from these leading minds,


gaining valuable knowledge and ideas to enhance their own understanding of the business world.



20. Beyond the To-Do List


Beyond the To-Do List


In "Beyond the To-Do List," hosted by Erik Fisher, listeners are treated to

a wealth of productivity strategies from experts, authors, and creatives.


The podcast's goal is to equip the audience with practical knowledge, perspective, and productivity insights,

guiding them to lead fulfilling lives that transcend the confines of mere to-do lists.



Benefits of this Curated 20 Career Podcast List:


Now that you have this list of 20 Career Podcasts, let's talk about why it's great for you.



Stay Updated with New Episodes and Insights:


Listen to the latest episodes regularly.


This way, you'll always know what's new and get insights into the latest career trends.


It's like having a continuous supply of fresh information right at your fingertips, making it easier for you to stay informed and up-to-date.


You can find more podcasts in our Podcast Directory.



Unlock Career Podcast Guesting Opportunities:


Career podcasts offer more than just enjoyable listening experiences.


They provide a unique chance for you to step into the spotlight as a guest.


Imagine being able to showcase your expertise and connect with a wider audience, all through the power of podcasting.


It's an exciting opportunity to share your insights, enhance your reputation, and expand your professional network.


Join our exclusive Guest Directory to access even more opportunities to showcase your expertise.



Saving time for Research and Outreach Efforts:


Say goodbye to time-consuming research and reaching out.


With this list, you don't need to spend hours looking for podcasts or contacting them.


Now, you can allocate your time to the things that matter most – listening to insightful podcasts. Also, you can actively engage with their content.



Showcase Your Offerings with Sponsorship Opportunities:


Highlight your offerings by becoming a sponsor for these career podcasts.


If you have products or services to share, you can gain exposure by supporting these shows.


It's a way to spread the word about what you provide to an audience that's genuinely interested.


(Just a quick tip: if you're in the same field, they might not be as enthusiastic about it.:wink:


Join our exclusive Sponsor Directory to access even more opportunities. 



Have any recommendations?


Do you have a favorite career podcast that you think should be included here? Your insights matter, and I'm eager to hear from you.


Your recommendations hold immense value and are deeply appreciated!


My goal is to make this resource as comprehensive and beneficial as can be.


Feel free to let me know about any exceptional podcasts you know of. Together, we'll keep enriching this collection.


Contact us for your recommendations.



Wishing you the best on your career podcast journey.


Share it with your fellow professionals, colleagues, and peers to empower them as well.


Let's collectively spread knowledge and create a positive impact.


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